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Atari 2600: Halloween

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In 1978 John Carpenter terrified movie audiences and gave birth to the slasher genre with Halloween, an independent film following the blood trail of Michael Meyrs, psychotic serial killer being hunted by his psychiatrist, Dr. Lumas (Donald Pleasence), as he slaughters his way to innocent teenage babysitter Lori Strode's (Jamie Lee Curtis) life.

Five years later, Charles Band, the owner of home video distribution company Wizard Video, got his hands on the home video rights to Halloween and decided that the horror flick would make a terrifically violent addition to the Atari 2600 video game library.

While Charles Band had the rights to use the Halloween title and music, it doesn’t look like he was able to obtain the use of the characters names, so in Halloween for the Atari 2600, Michael Myers is simply known as "Homicidal Maniac" and his intended victim Lori Strode is just “a babysitter.” as explained in the game's manual.

The babysitter must traverse thought the screens and between the floors, avoiding the slow moving attacks from Michael Myers as they search for the wandering rug rats. Once the kids are found they must individually be dragged to one of two safe rooms on the far sides of the house. There is no apparent reason why these rooms are so safe, but Michael seems to keep out, and if you go off screen and come back you’ll find that the little brat has snuck away into the house for you to hut down once again.

The only way to defend yourself is to find the knife placed randomly in the environment. This won’t stop Myers, but if you stab him by pressing the fire button right when he is upon you, he runs away like a scared little girl. After you've used the knife on Michael, it disappears.

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